Naked Dreams

Fiche technique

  • CM Drame Romance
  • Réalisation : Jennifer Karen
  • Production: Eric Pascal Sadoun
  • Mixage: Fred Ambrosio
  • 15min - HD - 2015



In Naked Dreams we follows Joanna as she wakes up from a sensual yet slightly disturbing dream with her lover David. From the moment she opens her eyes, she relives their story – via flashbacks and voice overs letting us enter her thoughts – from their first touch to first date to intimate moments of shared happiness and romance. As she goes out for a run and reflects on what went on between them, emotions are running high as it is revealed that not all is « happy days » between them and Joanna has to face the truth about David’s situation and questions her own decisions in starting a relationship with him… about love and desire, connectivity and juxtaposing living in a dreamworld and facing reality with all its consequences and the pain and heartache linked to it….Naked Dreams is Jennifer’s debut as screen writer, co-director and co-producer and shows her in the lead role of Joanna. This short film – close to 15 min in length –



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